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About Cylia Rousset


15 years of combined Communication & Marketing experience


Cylia Rousset freelance marketing expert london

I am Cylia Rousset. I am French and I have been living in London since 2008. After 15 years of combined communication and marketing experience (and a few gaps to raise my 2 wonderful girls), I decided to start my business as Communication Consultant. I wish to help small businesses entrepreneurs like me to start, grow and promote their business.



Creative, self-motivated, energetic and enthusiastic with excellent copywriting, organisational and interpersonal skills, I can contribute to your communication projects in various ways (networking, newsletters, advertising campaigns, media planning, market surveys, PR, promotion, product launches, events management, graphic design, social media marketing…).


Work experience

In France I have notably worked as account manager for Publicis Consultants (one a of the major advertising agency in France) and coordinated various communication projects for prestigious clients.

Since I arrived in London, I have volunteered in several associations. I have particularly worked for Londres Accueil for 3 years as Vice President, in charge of Communication.



I graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Amiens in 1994 (top French business school) and took a MOOC in Social Media Marketing with Northwestern University in January 2016.


Find more details on my experience and skills on my LinkedIn profile

Or see my full CV here


I am very flexible and will be happy to work as self employed, on temporary assignments, contracts or part time jobs.

Let’s talk about your projects!

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Since 2018, I have been the organiser of the Fabebook Group "Les Professionnels Indépendants Francophones de Londres", or PIFL (over 2200 members) in which entrepreneurs can share their experience, help each other and promote their business. Every month I organise networking events gathering around 40 people.

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I was extremely hounoured to receive the "prix du public" award from La Banque Transatlantique at the first French of the UK Trophies organised by Le Petit Journal Londres, on 16th November 2023. This award is a reward for my long time commitment in the French Community in London, and notably with les Professionnels Indépendants Francophones de Londres (PIFL).

Find out more about this award and the PIFl group here.

Back to the awards ceremony on 16/11/2023

The winners of the first French in the UK Trophies

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