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Delivering effective communication & marketing solutions

Cylia Rousset communication marketing strategy consulting

Media strategy


You have already taken scattered communication actions with more or less success? You need to set up a unified and consistent communication with your customers to grow your business?


Researching your business, identifying the characteristics of your target audience and your specific goals, I will deliver a practical action plan to reach them, with measurable objectives (KPIs). I will work with multiple channels of media to deliver your messages widely and effectively (Advertising, Events, Public relations, Social media marketing, Newsletters, Blogs, Website...).

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Cylia Rousset website design SEO webdesign

Web Design


You want to quickly create a professional and attractive website or a landing page? You only have a small budget? You want a website that you can easily update by yourself?


I will help you to create your website with online editors such as Wordpress, Wix, Shopify.... Depending on your specific needs, I can register your domain name, structure the map, menus and navigation, create the design and research the visuals, write the texts and content, develop the actual website, set up the functionalities, create a mobile and tablets version, link the site to your social networks, work on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure your customers will find you, train and support you to update your content.

Starting price : £390.00 *

for a website "express" (personalisation of an existing 4/5 pages website template).

Cylia Rousset branding visual indentity logo

Branding and Identity


You have a new business idea? You want to make your company name or brand unique and memorable?


Your brand is not just your name and your logo. It is what people will remember you by. It must combine design and messaging to convey the value of your business to your customers. I will use all my creativity and graphic design skills to capture your business vision in your logo and marketing materials (colors, domain, tagline, messaging, graphics, patterns, typography…).

visual identity graphic design of logo, business cards, soci and leafletl media pages

Visual Identity pack for social media : £60.00

Cylia Rousset graphic design logo marketing materials

Graphic Design


You want to create impactful brochures, leaflets, invitations, presentations, business cards, infographics…?


I will create beautiful, original and professional page settings of your documents for web or print. I can also help you with your iconographic research or photo shoots to select the most effective visuals to illustrate your documents.

Starting price : £250.00

for a A5 size leaflet, both sides

£350.00 for graphic design of a logo and visual identity (graphic guidelines)

Cylia Rousset Social media marketing ereputation

Social Media Marketing


You want more fans to like your Facebook page? You are already active on social networks but want to elaborate a strategy to coordinate your actions?  You want to cut through the noise and engage your audience in a meaningful way ?


I took a MOOC in Social Media Marketing with North Western University in January 2016, and I have learned a lot about different social marketing types of strategies, depending on our goals and needs.

I will give you all the keys and tools to help you identify your target audience, listen and engage with them on social, identify the best approach to market your business on social, elaborate a scheduled action plan, monitor your performance and measure your social footprint.

Cylia Rousset Social media marketing training for beginners
Cylia Rousset copywriting content marketing english french

Content and copywriting


You want to write your website or company brochure copy? You have many ideas of great topics to talk to your customer? You want to publish blog posts, write newsletters, press articles, direct mail…?


Whatever your needs, I can help you to define your content strategy and generate great ideas of content. I will work with my excellent copywriting skills (in both English and French), combined with my communication and marketing experience, to deliver a copy that will serve its business purpose effectively and maintain a tone of voice consistent with your brand.


content copywriting website for Ethos study guidance
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