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7 Social Media Best Practices you should follow in 2022

With billions of users in the world, social media has taken the centre in the field of marketing. It is an incredible opportunity for companies, especially small ones, to communicate with their audience, reach prospects and share new products. To do so, you must have a social media strategy (read my article Social Media Made Easy to optimize your strategy!) and follow the best practices bellow:

1. Brand yourself!

First of all, you have to be able to market your own image. Always posts photos with your logo or name on it, so people can identify your brand when it circulates on internet. You can also use a specific typo, colour or background. In that way, just a quick look on your pictures and your audience will recognise your brand!

2. Watch conversations on groups and social media everyday if possible

Social media are a precious source of information. You can join few groups linked to your activity to keep an eye on what people say about you, what your target wants, and what your competitors are doing! All that, just by scrolling down your screen. Easy, no?

3. Show you are an expert in your field!

You must position yourself as an expert, give useful advice, assist others so they have an interest in following you.

Tip: Follow hashtags linked to your business on LinkedIn (#ecommerce #network #marketing…) to receive notifications of posts using these hashtags.

4. Shoot fast!

Be reactive (be the first to answer a question, offer your services in an efficient way, react immediately when someone else recommends you...). It is useful to have a handy Word document with ready-made replies depending on the topic (or a leaflet, easy to share!).

5. Surf on the trend

You have to be in the loop of actuality and news, and rapidly create posts using trending topics. Also, do not forget to use the correct Hashtags linked to the trend (you can find my article about hashtags here!).

6. Regularity is key

It is essential to post regularly (about 2/3 times per week) to keep your audience and influencers engaged. Of course, this can include sharing posts from partners, influencers... and reposting of identical key content at different times/days to maximise visibility.

7. Be social

« Tag » your clients, friends, other businesses so your posts have more chances to create engagement, be shared and go viral!

Becoming the king of social media requires to keep these important and basics rules in mind. You must, at all time, keep an eye on the latest trends and be connected to your audience. A lot of businesses have their own community manager to help them. If you need to delegate, you can contact us. It will be our pleasure to discuss a strategy together!


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