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Countdown to Christmas…how will you treat your customers?

Countdown to Christmas... promote your business

Christmas is in just 50 days !

How will you take this opportunity to promote your business, let your customers know you care for them, and lead new customers to discover your products /services? This needs a bit of planning and imagination:

  • You can package special offers/coupons, write Christmas cards,

  • Add “Christmas Spirit” to your logo or social media profiles and a festive note to your communications

  • Give a “holiday touch” to your social posts,

  • Offer tips related to your business to help your customers organize their Christmas celebrations (food, outfits, holidays, beauty, health…)

  • Promote a cause or a local charity that is close to your heart (event or online campaign)…

Find many more ideas in this very helpful article from Appinstitute :

Most important BE CREATIVE!

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