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Tricks to carve out a good Halloween marketing campaign

Like it or not, Halloween has become a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their sales. Britons have spent £320 millions in 2017 on Halloween candies, pumpkins, fancy dresses, decoration, cosmetics… Even if your products are not Halloween related, you can still put together in your cauldrons a marketing strategy to promote your brand for the occasion.

  • Include thematic Halloween elements (ghosts, bats, pumpkins, spider webs), gothic fonts and of course you can’t go wrong with orange, black colors in your emails, newsletters, social media covers, posts, website, shop window…

  • Make use of spooky vocabulary and have fun with puns. Here is a list for inspiration: Trick, treat, Spooky, Carve out, Ghost, Terrifying, Bewitching, bat, bloodcurdling, bloody, bones, broomstick, cackle, cadaver, candy, carve, casket, cauldron, cemetery, cobweb, coffin, costume, creepy, eerie, fangs, frightening, ghoul, goblin, gory, grave, haunted, howl, macabre, magic, mausoleum, morbid, mummy, owl, party, phantom, potion, pumpkin, RIP, scary, scream, shadow, skeleton, skull, specter, spell, spider, spirits, spooky, superstition, tombstone, unearthly, unnerving, vampire, warlock, werewolf, witch, wizard, wraith, zombie… See some good examples below

10 deals that will send a shiver down your spine

Enter if you dare: We’re slashing prices!

We’ve got frightening low prices

Ghost coupons! Get yours before they disappear

Ghouls just wanna have fun. Happy Haunting!

Le freak c’est chic

  • Add an incentive, a discount, a free gift, an event, tasting, product release, a contest, a game…depending on your marketing objectives (generate sales, create engagement, visits to your website, gain followers, increase brand awareness). I especially love this genius idea from Kendra Scott (Jewellery) who asked visitors to browse numerous images, to locate promo codes hidden throughout the website.

  • Design and launch Halloween special edition products, promote all your black, orange, or gothic products, add a “Halloween touch” to your regular product photos (like Mango or ASOS illustrations bellow), or like Lands’ End, set up your regular products in a “Halloween” display.

  • Start your campaign early (from end September) for a maximum coverage and impact. And, of course, do not forget to add the proper Hashtags on social media

Whatever the purpose of your campaign, always deliver a festive tone of voice, and remember to have fun as you design your message.

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